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Best Answers Given by Game of Thrones Peter Dinklage for His Fan’s Questions

One of the most interesting characters in Game of Thrones is, without a doubt, Tyrion Lannister casted by Peter Dinklage. Do you not agree with such statement? Well, just talk to the Emmy Award he had won as the best supporting actor back in 2011, dude. Even if you don’t really like him, his role in the TV series is really vital. And you cannot deny that his act is so stunning, period! You must notice that I don’t try to flatter him or something like that. It’s just because his character in Game of Thrones have caught many attentions up to the fourth season. So, I’m trying to make some kind of recap about what Game of Thrones Peter Dinklage thinks of so many things (most of those things are based on the questions asked by the fans). To let you skip the efforts to read all of the questions and get through the interview videos, here are the top answers given by Peter Dinklage.

Does Peter Dinklage Read the Books?

Many people are wondering about this. There should be a reason why Game of Thrones Peter Dinklage is so good in playing Tyrion. Does he get in-depth of the character from reading the books? Related to this, Dinklage claims that he hasn’t read the book completely. So, he’s just a natural-born-awesome actor?

How Does Peter Dinklage Feel about the Filming Set?

Most of the filming processes were done in Croatia. And according to Peter Dinklage, it’s quite hot right there. Not to mention, all the casts need to wear hot outfits too. Well, it was quite hard for Dinklage. But, fortunately, around the filming set, there’s a quite vast area of water. The casts often rent some boats to ride on that water. And some of the casts even can’t bear with the temptation to jump in the water after taking of their clothes (not all of the clothes, of course). Yes, it’s really refreshing and somehow, according to Dinklage, it can bring back the mood.

What Does Peter Dinklage Think about the Atmosphere of the Filming?

Of course, there are so many serious scenes in which Tyrion is involved like when Tyrion is having conversation with his sister, Cersei (played by Lena Headey). Most viewers, including me, think that the atmosphere during such scene-filming process is so serious. But, Peter Dinklage said the opposite. For them, it’s so hard to hold the laughter during such filming. It’s because all the casts are so close and like family. Imagine how you suddenly need to act serious after you and your family just had some good time cracking some jokes not long before. That’s why Dinklage said that he tried to avoid seeing the eyes of Lena in order to avoid laughing.

Will Peter Dinklage Casts for X-Men Movie?

Bryan Singer as the director of X-Men: Days of Future Past has been reported to ask Peter’s manager about the casting. And Peter has agreed to take the casting chance. It’s believed that Peter Dinklage will play the role as scientist Bolivar Trask. And when he is asked about the superpower he fancies if he was about to be given one, he said that he likes to be able to fly. Let’s imagine Peter Dinklage flying…

What’s the Best Souvenir from Game of Thrones for Peter Dinklage?

Since the first filming process of Game of Thrones, there have been many things experienced by Peter Dinklage. There should be some souvenirs he gets too. About this, he said that he has a badass lion ring and he also stated that the scar he got during the filming is also the souvenir.