Posted March 26, 2014 by Justraa Stark in Characters

Changes in Arya Stark: Another Darker Side the Game of Thrones Season 4

Game of Thrones season 4 is mentioned to be darker in some as seen on the latest trailer shared before the new season of the TV series is aired for the first time in the 17th of April, 2014. From many things that can make the season to be darker than the previous one, it can be said that some changes experience by Arya Stark, a character that is starred by Maisie Williams, can also be considered as something darker in the new season. This has even been confirmed by the actress herself in an interview. She mentioned that actually Arya Stark is not really a character to be considered as a favorite as quite a lot of people do until the 3rd season the Game of Thrones the TV series.

Previously, Arya Stark may be a really good and sweet character because of the fact that it is her basic to always help, protect and defend her family. Other than that, she is also a person who can always speak her mind out whenever needed. Even so, something in the finale of season 3 has changed her. It is no other else but the very shocking moment when she witnesses her family murdered under the command of Walder Frey. Not long after the event she slaughters the soldiers of Frey and of course it is such a shocking event. Even the Hound, who is her companion in traveling, is also shocked because of that. This seems to be the time when the old Arya has changed to be the new one which is definitely darker and has a quite different personality. The new one seems to be more careless about many things that she does not even care saying things and speaks her mind out as she used to be. There is nothing specific that she fells after the loss of her family. She just does not care about anything and of course this tends to be something bad. Her event gives up her willing to reunite with her family.

The fact that Arya Stark is now a quite bad character because of what she does and what she chooses to do make Maisie Williams stated her own comment about this character. She said that now she does not want people to considered Arya as a favorite character anymore. She also mentioned that actually Arya is not really there to be a character that people will always love. She even wondered in her mind that Arya will really be the next villainous character in the TV series because of her bad and evil doings. This may also be the reason why she does not want people to really like the character of Arya Stark. A good thing that she can learn by playing the character of Arya Stark is that if we want to win anything we want in this world the only thing that we can do is no other else but do anything that we can do no matter what the final result is.