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Have a Feast like What Is Shown on Game Of Thrones Series

The food scene is often shown on Game of Thrones series. Some of the fans perhaps have already recognized favorite foods from their favorite characters, such as Sansa Stark who likes to eat lemon cake or Tyrion Lannister and the other rich characters who love to drink wine at any special occasions. Jon Snow is heard to like mutton stew with black bread and pork pie, while the other wealthy characters of the Seven Kingdoms love to eat lamprey pie that is consisted from fish baked in wine and various spices.

They sound very tasty. And perhaps you want to eat one of the foods from Game of Thrones while you’re watching for the Season 4 on April 6.

The foods in Game of Thrones are all about meat. You don’t only find lamb and duck, but you also can find quail, wild boar, or even venison. It’s already been predicted by Chelsea Monroe-Cassel, the co-author of “A Feast of Ice and Fire: The Official Game of Thrones Companion Cookbook”, that King Joffrey’s wedding will have pigeon pie as one of the dishes there.

Well, you don’t have to go to the Westeros just for eating those foods. If you live in New York, New Your City chefs already understand your curiosity. They are offering the medieval foods that can be found on Game of Thrones, but with the touch of modernity. But you will not find the weird meats, such as what Daenerys Targaryen ate in order to prove she’s the right person to the Dothraki in Season 1.

If you’re fans of Game of Thrones who live in Brooklyn, you should visit Antica Pese restaurant. This restaurant offers a menu that is inspired by Roman, but surely with the modern approach and twist. One of their menus is Scottadito Di Agnello; it is consisted from sautéed brussel spouts, pine nuts, and raisins that come with grilled lamb chops.

Chef Patrizia Rossetti from Antica Pese believes that people from Middle Ages liked to use their hands for eating. As the result, the word “scottadito” from Italian is used because it means finger-burning. In addition, the lamb is also good for the characters that are going to have the battle on the show. Chef Patrizia also added that the most popular proteins in medieval Europe is the lamb, it is also perfect to be eaten during the long winter.

Another restaurant, Ariana SoHo, will serve the fresh quail menu for you. The name of the dish is Quail Satsivi. The walnut sauce and the quail stock with Georgian spices, some of the spices are saffron and Khmeli suneli, are used as the companion when the two birds are roasted.

The head chef, Vitalii Kovalev, stated that the meat from quail is more dry than chicken. You can find the dish on Game of Thrones, when Tyrion Lannister and Lord Janos Slynt ate the similar dish with this.

After eating various foods that are inspired by Game of Thrones, not it’s time to drink like a dragon. Starting on Monday, you can find the special ale at Whole Foods and also at the Brooklyn bar Washington Commons. This special ale is inspired by Game of Thrones and is named “Fire and Blood” Red Ale, created at Brewery Ommegang. You can even see the dragons from Daenerys Targaryen on the labels. Phil Leinhart, the brewer at Ommegang, stated that Daenerys’ dragons are the main inspiration fro this ale.