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Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 10: Fire and Blood

Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 10 Recap

Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 10-1This season finale just continues where the last episode has ended. In order not to see his father being beheaded, Yoren presses her to his stomach and takes her with him. He cuts her hair short and calls her “Arry”. Now she is a boy, and she blends with the new recruits of the Night’s Watch, whom Yoren has gathered. He is taking Arya to the North so he can drop her at Winterfell. She is called out by some boys for carrying Needle, and Gendry, King Robert’s bastards, comes to rescue her. He will be her friend in hard days coming.

Meet King Joffrey at King’s Landing. We already know that he is a bad kid, and he is an awful king as well. After Ned Stark, he punishes a man by having Ser Ilyn Payne cut either his hands or tongue, just because he wrote a “critical” song about the Lannisters. Then he takes Sansa to see her father’s and septa’s heads, stabbed to spears. She speaks harshly to Joffrey, and the upset Joffrey has his knight slap her, so he doesn’t need to hit his lady. Actually Sansa wants to push him but The Hound prevents and warns her not to do anything harsh.

People of Westeros already have their King, but the King doesn’t have his Hand. Tywin Lannister is supposed to be the Hand of the King, but having his eldest son and heir captured by the Starks, he sends Tyrion to act as the Hand in his place. He knows that Tyrion can do better than the previous Hands, as long as he doesn’t take his whore with him. But Tyrion has already had something in his mid, regarding Shae.

Ned’s death only brings sorrows to his family. Robb strikes his sword to a tree in anger, and Bran has a dream that leads him to the crypts, where he finds Rickon and Shaggydog looking for Ned. Soon after that, he finds out that his father is dead. Robb continues his march to the South, and his men finally declare him the King in the North. And so the Starks are back with their former title.

Up on the Wall, Jon is becoming even more restless while his brother is marching south. He wants to be with his brother and fight with him, but now he’s already had new brothers, the brothers of the Night’s Watch. His loyalty is now to the Lord Commander. They’ve already had their own work, which lies in the North, including the White Walkers and wildlings invasion. There are many things to do in the North.

Now we’ve come to the end of the season. It is closed by the people across the Narrow Sea. Dany finally realizes that she needs to pay a great and horrific price for Drogo’s life, which is her child’s life. Things are getting worse when she knows that Drogo is neither living nor dead. He breathes but he doesn’t move or speak. Most people in her Khalasar also leaves her as there is no strong Khal that will lead them. She finally decides to suffocate Drogo and burn him on a pyre. She also places her dragon eggs beside him and the sorcerer Meeri. In the end, she walks to the pyre as well, but the ending result is just glorious. The eggs hatch. The three dragons live, and so do Dany.

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