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Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 3: Lord Snow

Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 3-1In the last episode, we saw Bran finally woke up. This will make us wonder about what might happen after. But let’s go to King’s Landing first. Here, Ned begins his work as the Hand of the King. It turns out that Robert is not like he expected. He has no interest in running the country. All he does every day is just getting drunk, whoring, and hunting. He leaves the country in a huge debt. He also never listened to the previous Hand’s advice. Ned discovers it when he comes to the Small Council meeting, which introduces us to the members: Lord Varys, the Master of Whispers; Petyr Baelish; the Master of Coin; Grand Maester Pycelle; and Renly Baratheon.

In the Essos, Dany has become a Khaleesi for the Dothraki.however, this brings some problems with her brother. Viserys still thinks that he is Dany’s king, as he has the claim for the Iron Throne. He doesn’t want to accept the fact that here in Essos, in that Dothraki community, Dany’s position is higher than him. This denial brings him into a trouble, being attacked by one of the Dothraki men for harassing Dany.

Then we come to the title of the episode, “Lord Snow”. On the Wall, Jon receives the title from his commander. He is very skilled in sword fighting, above other Night’s Watch recruits. Soon, he has to teach them how to fight with sword, instead of just beating them in battles. Also on the Wall, Jon often gets into interesting conversations with Tyrion, as Tyrion empathizes his being a bastard son. Finally, Jon’s uncle, Benjen, decides to go north of the Wall to inspect about the disappearance of some of the brothers (who are killed at the beginning of episode one). However, Jon still can’t go with him yet, as he hasn’t officially become a brother of the Night’s Watch.

Back to Winterfell, we finally see what happens after Bran woke up at the end of the previous episode. Although he has woken up, he can’t remember anything from the day he was pushed out of a tower. Now he becomes a cripple. He is almost desperate, as he tells his brother that he would rather die than become a cripple like he is now. Meanwhile, his mother can’t see him waking up as she is in her journey to King’s Landing. She wants to be secretive for her journey but apparently Petyr Baelish, who is her childhood friend, already knows about her coming to King’s Landing. Catelyn is greeted by one of his man at the gate of King’s Landing and she is brought and hidden in one of his brothels. Finally, she can tell her husband about the possibility of the Lannisters’ role in Bran’s fall, and Ned sends her home with the promise that he’ll find out about it.

Still in King’s Landing, Arya shows her father her interest in swordplay, especially after Ned sees her Needle, a small sowrd Jon gave her before they parted. Her interest has gotten her into trouble in the previous episode, but now her father arranges a swordplay lesson for her. Now she is having a “dance lesson” with a swordsman named Syrio Forrel. The episode ends with Ned looking at Arya, pleased by her serious practice.

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