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Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 6: A Golden Crown

Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 6-1The last episode is closed by Jaime attacking Ned and his men. Now Ned has been treated for his wound and has finally awakened. The King and Queen visit him and they talk about Tyrion being captured by Catelyn, instead of Jaime attacking him on the street. He takes the responsibility for Catelyn’s action, but he also asks Robert so he can find Jaime who is now fled the city. However, Robert asks him to stay and keep his position as the Hand. He needs Ned to handle things in the court while he is off for hunting.

At Winterfell, Bran, Theon, and Robb find wildlings while they are out in the woods. These wildlings were able to get over the Wall and pass the Night’s Watch. They are attacking Barn first, but then Robb and Theon come to save him. They kill the wildlings, making them the first men Robb and Theon have ever killed. They spare a woman’s life though, who beg for their forgiveness. Her name is Osha, and now she is taken to the castle.

After several days at the terrifying high jail of Eyrie, Tyrion finally gets his trial. Lysa Arryn declares him guilty, and Tyrion wants to defend himself by combat. Of course, he is not the one who fights, so he seeks for a volunteer who wants to fight for him. Here comes Bronn, the mercenary. He fights for Tyrion and wins. Finally they both are free to go. There is nothing Lysa and Catelyn can do.

Ned’s investigation in King’s Landing continues. He finally knows why Jon Arryn was looking for Robert’s bastards. It is Sansa who makes him realize it. He is telling Sansa and Arya to go back to Winterfell when Sansa shows her disagreement by telling Ned that she wants to stay and marry Joffrey. She says that she will give him children all with “beautiful blonde hair”. That strikes Ned so hard. He realizes that blonde hair belongs to the Lannisters, while the Baratheons always have dark hair. Even Robert’s bastards have the dark coloring as his. So, Jon Arryn was looking for Robert’s bastards because the ones who are now with him on the throne are not his, but Jaime’s.

Far in the Essos, there is an important foreshadowing on Dany. She puts one of her dragon eggs on fire and pulls it, but she is not burned at all. Moreover, she finally gains her place among the Dothraki by doing a Dothraki custom. She has to eat a horse’s heart to make sure of the child’s strength. Her child is said to be The Stallion who Mounts the World, who will gather all people into a single Khalasar. Dany is loved and Viserys is not pleased about it. Let alone the fact that he still hasn’t received the army Khal Drogo has promised. He tries to steal Dany’s dragon eggs but Ser Jorah stops him. He becomes drunk then, entering the feast with a weapon, which is not allowed in Dothraki culture. Finally, Drogo is willing to give him his crown, but not the crown he always wants. Drogo melts his gold belt inside a pot and pours the liquid onto Viserys’ head, killing him. And so Dany speaks, “He was no dragon. Fire cannot kill a dragon.”

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