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Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 1: The North Remembers

Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 1-1Finally Season 2 has come. We have seen a terrible ending last season when Ned Stark, the good, just, and honorable Hand of the King, was beheaded. We were grieving, but now it’s time to continue and move on without Ned Stark, although it is kinda sad to continue the story without him. At King’s Landing, Lannisters are still the rulers. Joffrey is still the King, with Cersei as his back-up. The Hand is a Lannister too, Tyrion Lannister. However, it doesn’t turn out to be good for both Cersei and Joffrey, regarding Tyrion’s position as the Hand. Tyrion is quite a character. He can make the viewers look at things in Westeros in larger picture. He is somewhat neutral, doesn’t belong to anywhere. And he is smart. He often performs jokes that might bring self-awareness to other characters and to the viewers as well.

Up at Winterfell, Bran keeps dreaming about strange things again. The three-eyed raven is out of fashion though. Now the dream has switch into a direwolf. Bran often dreams that he can walk, not with two legs but four legs. In a scene where he takes a look at himself on a pond, he is a direwolf.

We lost some central characters last season, and now we’ve got new characters. The first ones we are introduced to are the Fire Priestess, Melisandre, and Stannis Baratheon, King Robert’s brother that is to claim the Throne. He has received the letter from Ned, stating that Joffrey is a illegitimate child and that Robert has no legitimate child. So he is claiming the Throne. Beside him stands the Red Priestess, Melisandre. With the power of the Lord of Light, she helps Stannis in claiming the Throne. It seems that she is not a trustworthy character. Stannis, on the other hand, hasn’t presented any prominent role so far.

Now we move to Robb. He is still on his way to meet the Lannisters at war. He has captured Jaime Lannister and now the Kingslayer is imprisoned at the Stark’s camp. Confronting Jaime Lannister, we can see that Robb has changed. Now he is not a hesitant young lord and heir of Winterfell. He has groomed into a mature leader of his men, as he is now the King in the North. Now the Starks are seeking for allies. Theon is set off to his homeland in the Iron Islands to find support from his family, although Catelyn disapproves this decision, saying that Robb can’t trust a Greyjoy. Her fear makes sense actually, since the Greyjoys doesn’t have good relationship with the Starks. However, Robb’s decision is fixed. Instead, Catelyn goes to Renly to seek alliance.

Finally, Jon finds out that Beyond the Wall a man named Craster has killed newly-born baby boys. Speaking of killing babies, Joffrey has also ordered his soldiers to kill all of Robert’s bastards. The Lannisters are villains, and Joffrey is the super villain. So that was the Season 2 premiere. It seems like the show will still be okay without Ned Stark.

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