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Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 10: Valar Morghulis

Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 10 Recap

Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 10-1We’ve come to the last episode in Season 2. After a great battle in the last episode, people at King’s Landing can finally breathe as Stannis can’t take the city. They are also relief after hearing that Tyrion is still alive, with a scar through his nose. He loses his luxury and his position as the Hand though, to his father, Tywin, who takes the position the second time after the Mad King. Then, as the Tyrells have become their ally, Joffrey asks Loras what he wants and he asks whether his sister, Margaery, can marry Joffrey. Everyone agrees and Joffrey dumps Sansa. Littlefinger approaches her and promises her a way home, but she just passes him by.

In the Riverlands, Jaime and Brienne are still on their way to King’s Landing. They run into some Stark men, and Brienne kills them all within three seconds to make sure that her journey is not interrupted. That leaves Jaime in a surprise.

Meanwhile, in Dragonstone, Stannis gets mad for losing the war and chokes Melisandre after asking “Where is your god now!?” Melisandre, as usual, just keeps calm as answer, “He’s inside you.” While we are not sure what she means, they both are finally back in good terms as they are staring into fire and see Stannis’ victory.

Other folks might have to decide whether they will stay or move. Theon and his men are stuck in Winterfell, while 500 Northmen are approaching. Maester Luwin suggests him to escape and take the Black, but he chooses to stay and fight. However, his men don’t think the same way. They knock him down and put a bag over his head. It is assumed that they probably give him up to Roose Bolton’s bastard.

The same as Theon, Tyrion chooses to stay at King’s Landing even after he is no longer the Hand. Varys, and also Shae, advises him to leave for it is now dangerous for him at King’s Landing, as her sister is trying to kill him via one of the King’s Guard in the last episode. However, she prefers to play in the game longer.

Then, there are Stark children. Bran and Rickon finally leave Winterfell with Osha and Hodor, leaving Maester Luwin dying there. They head to the Wall with the hope that Jon will be able to help them. Meanwhile, Arya escapes Harrenhal with Gendry and the fat boy. She meets Jaqen on her way, who offers her to come with him to the Eastern Continent. She chooses to stay though, to find her mother and Robb, and also Sansa. Then, Jaqen gives her a magic coin and tells her to give the coin to any man from Braavos and say “Valar morghulis”, if she needs to find him. Then, he leaves Arya surprised by turning his face into someone else’s face.

In the city of Qarth, Dany gets into the House of the Undying to take her dragons back. She meets Pyat, who uses black magic to her. However, Dany just doesn’t take any of it and instead, she says “Dracarys” and her dragons burn Pyat. Then she comes into Xaro’s mansion and locks him inside his own empty safe. In the end, she takes Xaro’s richness for her next trip.

The season is closed North of the Wall. Qhorin forces Jon to kill him so the Wildlings will believe that he has become a free man and forgets his vows. He’s going to meet the King Beyond the Wall. Then, it all ends with Sam and friends who hear three horn blows, signaling that the White Walkers are coming. While his friends are running further, Sam is stuck in the storm, with White Walkers around him.

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