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Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 5: The Ghost of Harrenhal

Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 5-1We were left in the last episode with Melisandre giving birth to a shadow assassin. In this episode, we can see what this assassin was meant to be born: to kill Renly. So the shadow assassin gets into Renly’s tent and stabs him. Brienne and Catelyn witness the assassination. As Brienne is weeping over Renly, Catelyn encourage her to run with her as Renly’s soldier thinks that Brienne has killed him. Renly’s death means that the Starks lose an ally. Now the fight for the Throne is for Joffrey and Stannis, and neither of them like the idea of Robb being the King in the North.

Meanwhile, Brienne still wants to make revenge to Stannis, but Catelyn tries to calm her so that she can wait a little longer for a perfect time. Finally, she swears fealty to Catelyn, which might bring an interesting ally for the Starks later. On the other hand, Margaery now has lost her chance, not only to be a Queen, but to be the Queen. She is not interested in making revenge for Renly. Instead, she is more eager to find a way to reach her goal.

People acts based on his or her own motivations. This creates many events that occur altogether and are mixed uncontrollably. Robb is still marching south to meet Joffrey at King’s Landing. He is always a threat for King’s Landing, but now there is also a new threat: Stannis. Following Renly’s death, many of his men join Stannis’ forces. That makes him even stronger. Meanwhile at King’s Landing, a bunch of Wildfire is being prepared to welcome Stannis. Besides King’s Landing, things are also going unwell at Winterfell. After declaring his loyalty to his father, Theon takes his step to go against the Starks by attacking Torrhen’s Square, in order to take Winterfell.

Far in the city of Qarth, Dany and her band of Dothraki finally find their shelter. Now they are in the care of Xaro Xhoan Daxos, one of the Thirteen of Qarth. Xaro is not entirely a sincere man after all, as he offers Dany to fund her journey to Westeros in exchange of a marriage between him and Dany. He is indeed attempted by Dany’s dragons, just like any other men. Ser Jorah has talked to Dany though, encouraging her to go on her own way. This is exactly what Davos also does to Stannis, regarding Melisandre’s involvement in the war.

In the North, Jon finally can serve as a ranger as he volunteers to join some men who are going to look for wildlings. Now he is marching through a dangerous landscape full of snow with his brothers. Meanwhile, Jon’s half sister, Arya, is now also in a thrilling situation. She is serving as Tywin’s cupbearer, without Tywin knowing that she is a Stark of course. She also builds a “friendship” with Jaqen H’ghar, a person she saved when the new recruits of the Night’s Watch were attacked by the Lannisters. Arya saved three people including Jaqen at that time, so now Jaqen promises Arya that he can kill three other people for Arya to pay his debt. At first, Arya doesn’t seem to trust him, but she finally build her trust as she sees the interrogator, known as The Tickler, becoming Jaqen’s first victim for his debt.

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