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Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 6: The Old Gods and the New

Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 6-1Game of Thrones’ can always surprise its viewers with unexpected act from its characters. One of which is Theon’s sack on Winterfell, which occurs in this episode. Although Theon was “a prisoner” in Winterfell, the Starks never treat him badly. Ned even raised him along with his own children. Theon himself befriends the Stark children. So his attack is very shocking. Even at first Brann thought that it was a joke, but when he knows that it’s serious, he needs to yield in order to prevent any bloodshed. In the end, there is still bloodshed when Theon poorly beheads Ser Rodrik Cassel for talking back to Theon. The words of the sack finally reach Robb, who doesn’t believe it himself. He can’t march back to Winterfell as it will waste his winnings so far. Instead, he reluctantly agrees to Lord Roose Bolton to send his bastards to Winterfell and bring Theon alive. Meanwhile at Winterfell, Osha can successfully makes an escape for herself, Brann, Rickon, and Hodor.

While the people at Winterfell are attacked by Theon, Joffrey and his party at King’s Landing also suffers from an attack. Although Joffrey always believes that his position as the King will allow him to do what he wants and be safe, the fact doesn’t reflect his belief. After seeing his sister off to the Martells of Dorne, Joffrey and his party are surrounded by the common people, insulting him regarding his being an incest bastard. The peak is when someone throws excrement to his face and he demands that the person is killed. Suddenly all the people break out into a riot, attacking every member of his party, even until tearing a person’s body. Sansa is lost during the attack. When she is almost raped, The Hound comes and saves her. Back in the castle, Tyrion smacks Joffrey’s face, reminding him that even a king won’t survive in the middle of that riot.

Up in the North, Qhorin Halfhand teaches Jon that when encountering the wildlings, it’s either kill or be killed. He proves it when they run into a small group of wildlings. They kill all of the members except a woman named Ygritte. Jon captures her but is unable to kill her. He loses track of his group when he chases Ygritte. He can catch her, but he still can’t kill her and has to spend the night without shelter with Ygritte.

Meanwhile, Jon’s half-sister is doing well at Harrenhal as Tywin’s cupbearer. She is able to impress Tywin with her intelligence and wit. She is almost discovered by the coming of Petyr Baelish. It is still unknown; whether he can’t recognize Arya of he does recognize but keeps the fact for himself. However, Arya is almost discovered by a Lannister bannerman when she’s trying to take Tywin’s note regarding an attack to Robb. So she uses her second kill-wish for the bannerman.

Far in the city of Qarth, Dany is desperately trying to find someone who can fund her quest to claim the Throne. No one wants to. Xaro tells her that she’d be sailing now if she agreed to his proposal. Things get worse when she comes back to her temporary house and finds most of the Dothraki are killed and her dragons are missing.

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