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Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 7: A Man Without Honor

Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 7 Recap

Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 7-1Looking at the title, “A Man without Honor”, it probably goes to Theon Greyjoy who has been so ungrateful to the Starks. However, since this is ‘Game of Thrones’, the title might go to everyone in the story. For Theon, things don’t go well especially after the young Starks escaped. He learns that if he wants to earn respect from his men, he should intimidate. That’s why he beats one of his men when he accuses Theon for “being busy” with Osha so that she can escape the young Starks. Bran and Rickon, with Osha and Hodor, are still escaping, but Theon has released some hounds to track them. After he finds Rickon’s snack leftovers on the street, he sends Maester Luwin home. Finally, we are put into assumption when Theon gets back home and display two burnt child corpses.

Another Stark child doesn’t seem to be in a bad situation. Arya still serves Tywin and she likely gains Tywin’s admiration as they converse more. Meanwhile, Jon is still searching for his group while dragging Ygritte around with a rope as a prisoner. They are engage in a conversation about freedom, regarding Jon’s vow to the Night’s Watch. She also scares him by saying that if he doesn’t use “it”, he will lose “it”.

Another Stark child has finally arrived at the event that will make her able to have a child with Joffrey. Sansa has got her period and Cersei talks to her about having children. She tells her that Joffrey was so unbearable even before he was born. She also had to struggle a lot to get him out. In the end, although no one will love Joffrey, Cersei does, and Sansa will love her children as well. They are the only ones that deserve her love. Her talk about Joffrey is continued with Tyrion. Usually they will scream and mock each other, but now they are discussing about Joffrey in a gentler manner. Cersei feels that Joffrey is not ready for the war with Stannis, as well as for being a decent man. When Tyrion says, “It’s hard to put a leash on a dog, once you’ve already put a crown on its head”, Cersei doesn’t even say anything against him. She worries that Joffrey becomes the way he is now because of the sins in the past.

Meanwhile, Jaime can break out of his cell after killing a relative and a guard. The Stark men are able to pick him a short time later and he’s back in his cell. Then Catelyn sees him. Although Jaime talks bad to her, finally she sets him free so that she can get Sansa and Arya in return.

Finally, with Xaro and Jorah, Dany sees the twelve of the Thirteen of Qarth to ask about her dragons. In the end, she witnesses the eleven of them are murdered by Pyat Pree. It turns out that Xaro and Pyat are working together to make Xaro the King of Qarth. This means that Dany’s dragons are now with them as well.

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