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Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 9: Blackwater

Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 9 Recap

Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 9-1Finally, the war comes to King’s Landing. This episode depicts the battle between Joffrey and Stannis, and the author of “A Song of Ice and Fire”, George R.R. Martin is the one who write the script of this great battle.

The episode opens with a conversation between Davos and his son, Matthos. Matthos tells his father that he believes that Stannis will win the war with his greater number of army and his allegiance with one true god, the Lord of Light. His belief will be proven by the war itself though.

Meanwhile, at King’s Landing, people are prepared for the battle. Everyone is in fear, for it might be their last night of living. Tyrion and Shae spend a quiet moment together. Cersei decides that she will commit suicide along with Tommen if Stannis’ army wins the battle. She asks for the poison nightshade from Pycelle before dismissing him. Joffrey introduces Sansa to his new sword, which he name “Hearteater”, and asks Sansa to kiss it. Bronn and The Hound choose to spend the time drinking. They are almost engaged in a fight before the city’s bells ring and prevent them from killing each other.

So Stannis’ army is approaching. However, there is no armada waiting for them. Instead, there is only an empty ship slowly approaching them while spilling Wildfire. Joffrey demands the archer to attack, but Tyrion holds them. He waits until Stannis’ army passes the empty ship further, making it impossible for them to turn back. Then he gives a signal to Bronn, who shoots a flaming arrow to the empty ship, setting it in a great explosion that burns many of Stannis’ ships. However, this doesn’t affect him that much, as he and the remaining soldiers are still able to land on the beach and meet King’s Landing’s soldiers.

While the battle is going, Cersei, Sansa, and other women sit together in a room. Cersei bring Ilyn Payne as well so he can kill them all, supposed King’s Landing is taken by Stannis. Cersei invites Sansa to drink and converse with her, but she is apparently too drunk to converse in a good sense. In the end, she demands Joffrey to withdraw from the battle and hide in the castle instead.

Outside the castle, The Hound is getting crazy seeing fire everywhere. He pulls his men back and gets drunk. Without Joffrey and The Hound, Tyrion takes the responsibility of leading the soldiers. Although nobody listens to him at first, finally they can see the point in his short speech. He asks them to fight not for glory or any king’s ideologies, but to protect their homes and loved ones. Finally, Tyrion can sneak the soldiers out using Varys’ map of tunnels, so they can greet Stannis’ soldiers before they break the gate. They can prevent his army effectively, but Tyrion gets slashed by Ser Mandon Moore, who then is stabbed by Tyrion’s squire, Podrick Payne. Tyrion falls, but before he loses his consciousness, he sees another large army marching toward the gate.

From Stannis’ angry expression, we know that the army is not coming to help him. The identity of the unknown army is revealed at the end of the episode, when Cersei’s attempt of committing suicide with Tommen is interrupted by her father, Tywin Lannister, and his new ally, Loras Tyrell. King’s Landing wins.

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