Posted February 16, 2014 by Justraa Stark in Characters

Game of Thrones Actor Alfie Allen Reveals about His Torturing Scenes and the Teasers

Horrifying scenes, blood, screams, and the other scary things always become the part of Game of Thrones. We know that those matters might be enough to make us feel sick. However, we do love this TV series and thus, we keep watching it. If you want some proof, just take some steps back in the Season 3. Game of Thrones actor, Alfie Allen was the one in the middle of such horrifying scenes. Of course, all of you must still remember how he was tortured so bad but he wasn’t allowed to be dead. Just imagine how a person is locked up in a dark chamber far away from anyone and the only thing he experiences is torture and more torture. Let’s take penis cutting which happens for 10 episodes nonstop! I’m about to puke here.

However, once again, that torture belongs to the storyline and it’s like Karma for Theon Grejoy (the character played by Allen). Notice how Theon had done a totally unforgivable act by betraying Winterfell which is like his own home land just to impress his father, Balon Greyjoy. He set Winterfell, which is always coated in snow, in fire. The white and soft snow turns red and bright. And it’s not only that, Theon also killed some people who played vital roles in Winterfell. When asked about this act, even Allen as the actor says that Theon really deserves the hellish punishment as shown in season 3.

Thanks to Ramsay Snow who captured Theon and gave the punishment for his wrongdoings even though, well, it’s quite too much. And yes, until season 3 ends, the torture is not over. It should be carried on to season 4 and there should be some resolution about this. And related to this, Allen teases it out (I don’t know he did it on purpose or not) and he says that there should be something coming out of this. Normally, whenever someone who has done terrible things in the past and then he hits rock bottom (and by this, I meant the bottom of the hell), he should want to become a better person. That’s the main core of the teases Allen gives. However, it’s still blurry because Allen also adds that he hopes Theon can be like that which totally doesn’t justify anything. Again, we still need to wait for a while until the new season comes.

In the meantime, let’s put aside that spoiler and see how actually Allen and Iwan Rheon (who casts as Ramsay) are actually good friends. This pair of Game of Thrones actor is often seen together during the filming. Allen says that he is so glad to befriend with Iwan because he is such a nice person and also funny. At first, Allen admits that it’s quite awkward because before the filming they barely knew each other. Now, they frequently went to drink together after the filming is over. It’s still quite strange indeed because in the TV series, Iwan (as Ramsay) keeps on torturing Allen (Theon) and when the director says the filming is over, both of them decide to go to the bar together and talk about the torturing scenes.

Well, it’s totally a nice story indeed between those actors. And their stories made me even curious about the continuation of Game of Thrones. For your information, Blu-ray, DVD and digital download of Game of Thrones season 3 is going to be released on February 18. In case you want to complete your collection, it’s your time.