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Game of Thrones’ Purple Wedding: The Next Wedding of the Year?

As the Game of Thrones’ hardcore enthusiasts might think that the Red Wedding was the most celebrated nuptial of the century, they might want need to think again. The upcoming Season 4 which kicks off HBO in the next Spring 2014 is going to feature another tone-themed wedding. The Purple Wedding, as it is mentioned, is the forthcoming wedding between the young and sadistic King Joffrey Baratheon (Jack Gleeson) and his queen will-be Margaery Tyrell (Natalie Dormer).

So many speculations were made based on the color chosen for the wedding. Some fans from the forum of Game of Thrones fans mentioned that purple is the color of the royals and there might be a possibility it has something to do with an event in the wedding just like what happen in the Red Wedding, as red is the color of the blood and the likes.

So, how would the Purple Wedding be? Will it be grandeur? More tragic? Less with blood bath and more on romance?

Novel writer and screenplay writer, George R.R. Martin, once provided a little interesting teaser on the Purple Wedding as he told TV Guide that the wedding is going to be the another infamous wedding in the fourth season of the Game of Thrones hit HBO series. The wedding will also be as brilliant and as unforgettable as the wedding that the series have in the last season. The purple color itself is based on the wine color which plays an important role in the film.

Martin also promised that the wedding is going to look magnificent in its own way. And off course, the hardcore aficionados of the Game of Thrones can only imagine how brilliant are the 77 courses feature at the dinner feast, and also how will the bride’s dress will be with that of inspired-roses wedding gown, as well as what so called “some wonderful halftime entertainment” by the author.

purple wedding game of thronesIf you are that curious to find out about the Purple Wedding, 18 images have been leaked on Reddit. The photos portray purple shades and purple imagery that dominate the film set. There are also plenty of symbols and emblems of lion. There was also a massive, luxurious looking wedding cake which has a very Lannister look; a lot of armors were also seen in the film set.

Finally, in spite of the stories on the upcoming nuptial between Joffrey Baratheon and Margaery Tyrell in Season four, Game of Thrones will also feature new faces, such as the young British actor Joel Fry as Hizdahr as the key player in the storyline of Daenerys (Emilia Clarke). In addition, there are also Pedro Pascal, Mark Gatiss, and Indira Varma. The premiere date of the Game of Thrones season four has not been set yet.

As the season four wedding drama tease told by the writer, loyal fans will need to wait to experience themselves what drama will the Purple Wedding be until the popular HBO series hit the screen in spring 2014. Are you ready for the next wedding of the year?

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