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Interviewing the Star of Game of Thrones: Tobias Menzies

tobias menzies
tobias menzies
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Tobias Menzies’s schedule is already full. At first, it was predicted that he won’t accept any interviews because he is too busy. Therefore, it was quite a surprise that we can meet Game of Thrones star. Menzies did not mind to share his thought about the TV series. Moreover, this man is a real gentleman. He answered the questions patiently. Menzies did not afraid to show his excitement in playing a role for Game of Thrones. It is easy to know whether he is lie or not. You can feel it though his honest answers. Here’s the result of the interview.

At first, we can start from his opinion about Game of Thrones. Menzies stated that he is really satisfied working with HBO’s staff. In addition, Menzies thought that the setting, the crews, and working ethics of Game of Thrones are really similar with his previous TV Series for FBO, ‘Rome’. In addition, Menzies stated that this TV series is really worth to wait. Though Menzies did not know the story of Game of Thrones, he knew that this series would get much attention. Menzies also shared the most interesting moment in his first day. He had to do archery scene.

Menzies did not afraid to admit about his archery skill. He said that Edmure Tully from Game of Thrones is much better than him in archery. Not forget, Menzies was also asked about the ‘Red Wedding scene’. He said that a lot of key characters in Game of Thrones were killed at that wedding. It means, the actors who play the key characters have the mixed feelings, anticipation and sadness. Even though he was not able to meet the actors who died in the Red Wedding Scene, he would never forget them. He would always remember the fellow actors as part of Game of Thrones.

Before playing for Game of Thrones, Menzies was played for another HBO’s production, Rome. Menzies stated that played for ‘Rome’ was really interesting. He was able to feel a completely different world. Currently, Menzies works for several projects. When he was asked about the possibilities of return to Game of Thrones, He said that he had no idea. He just wanted to focus on his current theater project: ‘The Shed’. He does not know whether he will be on Game of Thrones or not. Well then, see you again Menzies. We’ll miss your presence in this TV show.

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