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Spoiler: What things might happen in Game of Thrones Season 4?

Learning the fact that the Starks get slaughtered sadistically in the Red Wedding feast, there came questions on the next brutal man slaughter that will probably occur in the forthcoming series of HBO’s Game of Thrones in the spring of 2014. As Season 4 premiere is still some time next year, there are some possibilities spoiled by several sources for the premiere episode of the epic fantasy television drama.

The Starks: Robb, Catelyn, as well as Talisa are definitely dead in the Red Wedding of third season. The Lannisters displayed their glory to the world of Westeros despite the fact that Jaime did lose his one hand in the battle. What other things might happen in this epic drama in the upcoming season’s premiere? Here are a few clues gathered from several sources that hopefully can help calming loyal fans’ insatiable curiosity.

One of the good teasers, spoilers or whatever they are revealed that the King is dead. This must have been a release for the Westeros that such jubilation news finally spread the word of the young atrocious King Joffrey Baratheon is finally dead. The death takes place at time of the Purple Wedding feast which supposed to be a rejoicing event of the marriage between Joffrey and Margaery Tyrell.

Some sources mentioned that King Joffrey is poisoned at some time during the wedding feast. The poisoning event apparently has something to do with the tone used as the wedding theme, purple, as the color of the wine. It is the wine that holds a crucial role in killing the young cruel king. He starts to cough then choke right after consuming the wine and feasting on the grand ceremonial cake. It might be a bit entertaining for the fans that grow severe revulsion for the coldblooded iron fist King to see him he dies excruciatingly.

Spoilers from some sources also mentioned that in the upcoming Game of Thrones series Jon Snow will be alive and kicking. This must be quite relieving news for the hit series’ fans in knowing the handsome Jon Snow since he will keep on living although he needs to go through a very slow healing.

Then what happen to Sansa Stark? Most loyal audience might also curious about this particular character in Game of Thrones. In the upcoming storyline, Sansa manages to flee Kings Lading. This incident also marks the freedom from the vicious Lannisters above all. In the epic bedlam that causes the death of young sadistic king, Joffrey Baratheon, Sansa managed to escape from Kings Landing. She is taken secretly from the castle to the hand of Littlefinger, who keeps her in his ship and sails away from Kings Landing. The ship sailing to the Eyrie aims at completing his pursuit to marry Lady Lysa Arryn, the sister of Catelyn. In addition, it is Littlefinger who admits to be responsible for the now young death king, Joffrey.

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